Where does one begin?  It may appear quite egotistical to have a website devoted to one; however, in a world of self-promotion, my response is – Why Not!  I have something to say, I do not need a large audience and in truth – this may be a relief to the many employees that I work with simply because of this blog, they very well may miss a few Claire-stories.

It is without apology that I publish this entire site.  I’m not expecting a readership of many; however, if it should happen – so be it!  What I am seeking is substance, just as I am sure you are.  I’m not looking for the casual reader, but, the one that will take in what I’ve said and spit it back with banter that I can join in on or confirmation that I still should be on this side of the nuthouse.  In any event, I hope that however you’ve arrived here, that your time spent here is enjoyed.  I do wish you well and sincerely appreciated the visit.

Country Claire

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