The Power of Music

Throughout my life music has been a part, from the days when my parents would sing to me to the unforgettable times when I would sing with them.  I grew up playing the flute, piccolo and piano and appreciating numerous genres with a keen ability to remember many lyrics.  Music reaches a person to the core, there are some songs which never need to be heard or played again and then countless others that are played over and over again with one more replay close in the distance.  Music can tell a story or provide an answer, it can cause you to think or not think at all and irrespective of the dialect you speak – music can speak to you clearly and without need for an interpreter.  Music is the one language where understanding the words is not critical – you can feel the message in the tone of the singer’s voice or the lack of staccato or bravado.

Here’s a playlist of many of my and/or our favorite songs, many of which can be heard from miles around us whenever the moment strikes!

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