Pictured here are “The Stupids” – Kitty Bella Donna (Fawn & Black) & Tiger Dog (Reverse Brindle), these are my beautiful English Mastiffs.  They’re both from reputable Rescues; Safe Sanctuary (Kitty) & M.A.R.S. (Midwest Animal Rescue Services (Tiger).  Each has their own story; however, the ones I like the most are the day when they came to our family.

Mastiffs are considered ‘gentle giants’; however, let me be quite clear, while Tiger is as gentle as the rain, Kitty, while wonderful with me, is not a dog that you can just run up on.  She needs time to process who you are, what you want and so forth.  Each dog has their own personality opposite from the other.  I am sure that could be said for most dogs; however, these 2, especially sit on very different ends, when it comes to temperament.

I fully support any dog that protects itself and I sincerely hope that before you extend your hand to a dog that you inquire with its owner, if it is OK.  All too often a dog bite could have been avoided IF the person would have used common-sense.  Truth me told, if you rush up on me too quickly, I’m likely to harm you too.  Give a good dog a real chance, by being smart about what you do.

I will  consider supporting Breed Specific Legislation as soon as we apply those same rules to certain Ethnic groups.  But, since I do not see that happening any time soon… please understand that Pit Bulls are one of the more gentler creatures on Earth…it’s the humans that one should have concern about.


Any post or mention relating to Pit Bulls is done in loving memory of Toad E. Dog, a pure Pit Bull with a heart the size of Texas. Still remembered, so very missed and loved beyond the stars!  As far as how he was raised; chained to a tree, owned for a while by an Idiot and watered every other day…until he became ours… then it was love, food & love until his dying day.

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