I will do my best to add interesting and relevant content; however, I will advise that I’ve never really had a solid filter in place.  It is my intent to deliver an intelligent argument and/or position, yet, I know that some of my views, perceptions are not shared by the norm.  I guess that’s what makes this Country so great – we have the freedoms to express what we feel and believe to be true.  We are given this right by those that have fought and continue to defend our right in which to be free.  We must never forget that the things we take for granted were fought for and defended with blood and loss of life.  We must always remember that irrespective of all else many people’s sons & daughters died for what we, as Americans enjoy each day. We are never truly safe; however, we’re safer than most and for me – that’s better than so many other corners of the globe, if an orb had corners.

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