If We’re Not Serious – Am I Kidding Myself?


It’s hard to put into words what has recently come to light; however, a blog is the perfect place in which to try. Although the word serious can take on many levels of interpretation, the use of the word in regard to personal relationships is what I am writing about …

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I’d Rather Be Alone & Lonely, Than Lonely & With Someone

I’ve said this a time or two before, usually to someone else that was going through a bad break-up or difficult relationship; however, until recently I did not realize that I was full of crap!  For the past week or two, not only have I felt lonely with Mr. Cute, …

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Take Yourself Out of the Game!

I will be the first to admit that Females of all ages can get a little crazy; however, I would like to make the following request: Ladies: If you’re dating for dinner, self-validation or you have nothing better to do, please, take yourself out of the game, you’re ruining perfectly …

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