You Are 68

You’ve studied many languages, providing you with plenty of ways to express yourself. You are storyteller and people love to listen to you. Your voice is full of wisdom and your vocabulary is old-fashioned and immaculate. Take The Quiz Yourself Well, I’m Read More


You were a queen! Your memories reveal that you were a powerful and enchanting queen in your past life! You were seductive, romantic, strong, determined, and a true lover of the arts. Read More

The Girl, Not A Girl

Any girl is ‘a girl‘; however, ‘the girl’ is the goal I have.  Recently, I said this to someone.  Not that I was expecting him to just up and love me; however, the situation caused me to say something.  I’ve been a girl in many situations; however, I Read More


Johnny Cash

Do we ever get all that we want OR do we get parts & pieces and like Johnny Cash’s song we end up with a ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52, ’53, ’54, ’55, ’56 ’57, ’58, ’59, ’60, ’61, ’62, ’63, ’64, ’65, ’66, ’67 ’68, ’69, ’70 gentleman?  As much as I Read More

Day 13 of 365

You passed. You are good and Loving You’ve probably heard it a thousand times (or maybe a little less) but there’s no harm in telling the truth like it is. You have the kind of love inside you that is fueled by purity and honesty. You rarely Read More

Day 11 of 365

No sigh guy.  During a brief closer cohabiting period there were a lot of deep breaths – a lot! Short of wondering if there was a gasping issue all I could ascertain was that someone was just a bit antsy about the extra footsteps in the hallway.  Lots Read More

Day 10 of 365

Things are getting back to normal!  Calls, calls, calls and more calls; however, this is what we/he’s been waiting for.  Normally, I feel a titch guilty when the phone rings and I know he has to brave the elements, whereas I get to stay snug as a bug; however, Read More

Day 9 of 365

Friday, well, as we return to the norm, this is the first Friday of that norm.  I’m excited, yet, apprehensive.  As I learn that absence makes the heart grown fonder, I need to realize that I am still somewhat plagued by out of sight, out of mind.  Things Read More

Day 8 of 365

Sometimes I need to get back to Claire. I so enjoy being the caregiver; however, despite my willingness to do so without expectation it still takes something out of me. I compare this to Motherhood. I love my son and when he was young, I had to do Read More

Day 1 of 365

Happy New Year!  I did stay up to ring in the New Year; however, not necessarily by choice…but, the safety of those I love and care for far exceeds a few missed hours of slumber.  Luckily, they made it home safely and were snug in bed shortly after Read More



Forgiveness – easy to ask for – perhaps, yet, hard to give.  I find myself in a third person situation; I’m not seeking forgiveness, yet, I want him to forgive her, so that perhaps we/he can move forward.  I should keep my eyes Read More

Wake Up!

I’ve recently come across several videos showing Police Officers stopping motorists and giving gifts. This is wonderful; however, I want to be REAL CLEAR – they DID NOT just start doing this in the wake of Ferguson or NY…. in fact, aside from the $100 or Secret Santa Read More

Clean & Pristine


I’ve always found great interest in what makes others tick.  Where their passions lie many times will give you insight into who they are as a person overall. One’s interest in cars could easily be compared to another’s love of fishing and so on.  It’s not really the Read More

Gauge Your Experience


One is never too old to learn something new; however, the learning curve appears to be longer as one ages.  I’m not insinuating I’m over the hill, I’ve yet to even find that hill; however, it’s become abundantly apparent that I’m not as young as I once was. Read More


I’ve started to write articles for WikiHow, it’s been a really great experience thus far and not only do I encourage you to click the image below to read some of my articles, but, consider becoming part of the WikiHow community.  This is an old, old post; Read More

Goodbye Scissorhands…..

After 2 decades….I’ve made a relatively significant change to a physical feature.  Nothing was made bigger or smaller per se; however, shorter would be more accurate.  I type this slowly as the change will take some adjustment; however, as I write this I reflect back on 20 years Read More

Tough As An Egg, Sharp As A Ball This is the Theme of My Dating Life Y’all


All kidding aside I’ve taken a moment or many to think about where I am and why it is that on most weekends I am spending time at home, alone with my puppies. Yes, I want to share special moments with one person; however, I find that I Read More

I’m Still Smoking….


…my electronic cigarette!  While in Chicago this past November my friend JJ, no not, Jimmy Walker…took me to CigNot.  She highly recommended the electronic cigarette.  I had thought about quitting; however, each attempt was, well, unsuccessful.  She was not pushy; however, she knew how wonderful this was and Read More

Now, I Don’t Want To Talk! (I guess)

Mr. Cute and I have been talking recently; however, days past by without a call or text and in my new approach, I was not driving the ship.  Yet, I felt that I had every right to reach out, check-in – see what, if anything was up.  So I Read …

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Dating Life – Good; Blog Life – Not So Good

It has become abundantly apparent that this blog was originally created to vent my dating experiences; however, based on recent experiences it has become clear that as I move from the dates of chaos, I have less to write about.  I definitely want to scream from the mountain tops Read …

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Petty Betty

Well, I was finally able to get ‘most’ of my stuff from Mr. Cute; however, it was bittersweet… the drive appeared A LOT longer than it did when he was in my good graces; however, nonetheless, my items were in MY possession and I did not have to see Read …

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This was taken right after picking up a perch from the lake… there was a Seagull that ‘thought’ it had a meal; however, the powerful gusts made by an Eagle’s wings indicated to the Seagull that it should drop the fish.  It did. I’ve shot this Read More


Snapping Turtles have always been a fascination of mine; however, with Animal Planet’s show Call of the Wildman the allure of the Snapping Turtle has been reinvigorated!  I have not seen many up close; however, this one pictured to the left was very close!  I was not only able Read …

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A man was wandering around in a field, thinking about how good his wife had been to him and how fortunate he was to have her. He asked God, “Why did you make her so kind-hearted?” The Lord responded, “So you could love her, my son.” “Why did Read More

Another Dating Fail!

With school starts fast approaching I sort of feel like I’ve got a brand-new box of crayons… with my new approach to dating; however, this latest venture has proven to be, well – dismal, at best. I’m keeping my head up and my options open, yet, I had Read More

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

I cannot recall who said.. you miss 100% of the chances you never take or something like that… I suppose, I could go the extra mile and Google it…OK, done… I was ‘off’ a bit… You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. ― Wayne Gretzky Read More

I Earned My WTF Were You Thinking Badge

If dating was setup like the Girl Scouts….I would have recently earned my WTF Were You Thinking Badge!  I would have had it a few days ago; however, my recent text exchange with Mr. Cute solidified it.  For moments, OK, days I toiled with his comment… We would have Read …

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Another Chance

If you are given another chance to see someone that you have not seen in a long time… TAKE IT and say what you feel. To the Christison’s, The Swann’s and the many other members… I love you, I enjoy the laughter, the tears and well, being a Read More

I’ll Pray For You – Sara Evans…..

If you’ve never heard this song by Sara Evans, I strongly encourage you to take a listen here….I frantically searched for my CD that Sara had signed; however, could not find it…yet, I was able to locate it on YouTube, like anything else these days…everything is electronic…yet, music Read More

When They Leave

When someone passes on and leaves this earth… are they really gone?  It is true that people who no longer breathe air in are in essence ‘gone’ yet, are they really? If you remember their laugh, how they made you feel, what they said and the way they were Read …

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Border Patrol, It’s Not Just For The South

How on earth could someone stick & stay so tightly to their position?  Simple, they are aware of their boundaries.  For over a week I’ve been blathering on about how Mr. Cute has stated:  “I don’t want to talk.” He never truly wavered on this and any conversation was Read …

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Am I A Dog?

I have a pretty good overall demeanor, most that have met me sense that I am independent, capable, intelligent and kind; however, it has been said more than once that they would never want to cross me.  I say that because that is what I’ve been told and in Read …

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I’d Rather Be Alone & Lonely, Than Lonely & With Someone

I’ve said this a time or two before, usually to someone else that was going through a bad break-up or difficult relationship; however, until recently I did not realize that I was full of crap!  For the past week or two, not only have I felt lonely with Mr. Read …

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By now I should realize that all of the thinking, worrying and fear will inevitably be for nothing… irrespective of the outcome all of this time spent has absolutely no benefit.  I am driving myself crazy and for what purpose… since I am keeping my things to myself, well, Read …

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We have not broken up; however, I have found myself in ‘giving him space’ mode… this time, he did not ask for it, yet, his treatment definitely warranted an out.  I’ve been absolutely thrilled about this man because he is different, an against the grain type gent; however, one of Read …

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Today is the day that I became a Citizen of the United States!  It has always been celebrated in my family.  This year we had a family picnic and it was an absolutely beautiful day… the humid, unbearable weather that had plagued us for the past several days had Read …

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A Goose Looking For Her Gander

Depending on where you live you’ve probably encountered a Canada Goose…perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of their all too well-known protective nature, but, irrespective of the interaction I am sure you know a little about them.  Here’s what I admire most about the Canada Goose….they mate for life. Read …

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I love this word and it was recently brought to my attention by a friend… how was she feeling?  Ambivalent… in truth this is about where I am at, somewhere between yes & no. This is probably one of the harder emotions to have as I am someone Read More

Breaking Bad

I have become addicted to this series!  It was introduced to me by a friend and I simply cannot tell you how much I enjoy catching up before the new seasons starts on 15 July 2012.  WOW, what an incredible show!  Never did I think the manufacture of meth Read …

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This Too Shall Pass….

I think it would be funny to see this sign in a paleontology office.. Typically when experiencing something difficult someone will say this or something similar.  I get that they are just trying to be helpful as nothing lasts forever; however, I think there are moments when you do not Read More


When you like someone you have a feeling of closeness and in turn that feeling of closeness compels a desire to be physically closer.  I get that… it’s one of the cool things about being with someone special.. yet, too much of anything is well – too much.  So, Read …

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Preying On The Weak

There are certain things that truly hit me at my core… and in some cases have caused me to absolutely come undone… Cruelty to those that have limited or no voice, more specifically Wrongs to the Elderly, Incapable individuals, Children and/or Animals.  I am not quite sure what Read More