Even though we’ve been together for over a year and things feel just right, holidays bring a little uneasiness.  Am I automatically invited, do I need to extend the proper invitation? Are we comfortable enough with one another that it is just assumed?  Well, the answer is still up in …

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When something is going right, time flies; however, when you’re enduring something horrendous that little fast clock changes to something slower than Christmas.  Why is that?  Simply because we’re not paying attention, as that little clock – never changes it’s pace.  I love to say that the timing is right, …

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I wish I could be that person who looks to something new as exciting; however, I tend to always ponder the what ifs, the negatives and/or the perils that I may face.  There are many who can hear about something new, different and with wide-eyed enthusiasm go for it without …

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Picture Quiz These are my results; Realistic. Based on what you saw in these images, you are the realistic type. Some would say you are pessimistic because you can identify the cause of many unpleasant situations, correctly evaluate the current state of events and predict how they would turn out, based …

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How Will It End?

Recently there’s been a barrage of bloodshed & death; however, color is only brought up in certain situations.  As I write this, I anticipate that it will be immediately bashed, if I’m not on the looting bandwagon…. so, bash away as I see no logical correlation to looting & resurrecting …

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Tough As An Egg, Sharp As A Ball This is the Theme of My Dating Life Y’all

All kidding aside I’ve taken a moment or many to think about where I am and why it is that on most weekends I am spending time at home, alone with my puppies. Yes, I want to share special moments with one person; however, I find that I desire that …

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Now, I Don’t Want To Talk! (I guess)

Mr. Cute and I have been talking recently; however, days past by without a call or text and in my new approach, I was not driving the ship.  Yet, I felt that I had every right to reach out, check-in – see what, if anything was up.  So I did. …

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Dating Life – Good; Blog Life – Not So Good

It has become abundantly apparent that this blog was originally created to vent my dating experiences; however, based on recent experiences it has become clear that as I move from the dates of chaos, I have less to write about.  I definitely want to scream from the mountain tops as …

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If We’re Not Serious – Am I Kidding Myself?

It’s hard to put into words what has recently come to light; however, a blog is the perfect place in which to try. Although the word serious can take on many levels of interpretation, the use of the word in regard to personal relationships is what I am writing about …

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Living Small

There are big moments in our life, where all we can do is ‘live small’… almost microscopic.  Sure, we’ll pick up, join in and get with the program; however, in certain situations and for undefined amounts of time, there is validity in just pulling back, taking stock. If you’re a …

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A man was wandering around in a field, thinking about how good his wife had been to him and how fortunate he was to have her. He asked God, “Why did you make her so kind-hearted?” The Lord responded, “So you could love her, my son.” “Why did you make …

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I Earned My WTF Were You Thinking Badge

If dating was setup like the Girl Scouts….I would have recently earned my WTF Were You Thinking Badge!  I would have had it a few days ago; however, my recent text exchange with Mr. Cute solidified it.  For moments, OK, days I toiled with his comment… We would have been …

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Am I A Dog?

I have a pretty good overall demeanor, most that have met me sense that I am independent, capable, intelligent and kind; however, it has been said more than once that they would never want to cross me.  I say that because that is what I’ve been told and in truth, …

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I’d Rather Be Alone & Lonely, Than Lonely & With Someone

I’ve said this a time or two before, usually to someone else that was going through a bad break-up or difficult relationship; however, until recently I did not realize that I was full of crap!  For the past week or two, not only have I felt lonely with Mr. Cute, …

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By now I should realize that all of the thinking, worrying and fear will inevitably be for nothing… irrespective of the outcome all of this time spent has absolutely no benefit.  I am driving myself crazy and for what purpose… since I am keeping my things to myself, well, with …

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A Goose Looking For Her Gander

Depending on where you live you’ve probably encountered a Canada Goose…perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of their all too well-known protective nature, but, irrespective of the interaction I am sure you know a little about them.  Here’s what I admire most about the Canada Goose….they mate for life.  Yes, …

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Take Yourself Out of the Game!

I will be the first to admit that Females of all ages can get a little crazy; however, I would like to make the following request: Ladies: If you’re dating for dinner, self-validation or you have nothing better to do, please, take yourself out of the game, you’re ruining perfectly …

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No Guarantee….

Written in loving memory of my Grandfather….

When I think about the word ‘guarantee’ the clip from Tommy Boy always comes to mind; however, although that is a funny clip.. this post is centered around something quite important…

There are no guarantees in life.. we are given a lot and as Americans we tend to take advantage of just about everything around us… I do not say this to spark a to-do, I am merely reflecting on my own selfishness.  I go to bed each night thinking about what I have to do the next day… I am assuming that I will wake up the next day… I have been known to miss something and quickly say…‘next time’, again, I am assuming that there will be a next time.  I could go on, but you get the gist.

Time is the most precious thing out there.. it cannot be repeated, it cannot be bottled up, saved for later and it definitely cannot be duplicated.  I do not want to sound like a killjoy.. but, I want to take a moment to make a point.  Each day that we are able to wake up to is a gift, not a have to.  Yes, we will have our moments of despair, worry and regret; however, at least we are still able to experience – something, anything.

If you love someone, tell them.  If you like someone, tell them.  If you appreciate someone, tell them.  You may never have a ‘next time’.  

As we age, I believe that we begin to appreciate time more… perhaps it’s because as we age, so do those that are older than us; however, let’s not for one minute think that only Senior Citizens pass away….there are some that pass away (in their minds) and still walk the Earth…there are those that leave way too early (Paul N. Heckt) and then there are those that we simply lose touch with until it’s too late.

I held a grudge toward someone very close for more years than I care to admit; however, his near death experience shook me where I stood and I realized that the grudge, I held was childish, selfish and entirely my own doing… I am so glad that I had another chance to right the wrong and grow closer to that person, of which I am very close to now.  Trust me, when I tell you this… irrespective of what someone has actually done or what you perceive they have done.. put down the sticks and embrace them for the person that they are.  No one is perfect and the wrongs of yesterday should not be the controller of tomorrow… Embrace those around you….

In dating, we want to make sure that we do not appear needy; however, there’s nothing wrong in letting someone know how you feel, unless, you’re crazy.  If you’re crazy, you probably should not be dating.  In the past few years, I have just told people how I feel.. yet, I make sure they know I am sharing my feelings.. I am not saying anything with the expectation of a response or concurrence.  In fact, I take this several steps further…as I’ve been told this by several people who know me:

“I always know exactly where you stand and how you feel.”

I believe that if you do not say something at the time… the moment or person may pass, never to return again.

I am lucky to be 41 and have both of my parents living.. some people do not have that.  In fact, some people I know have lost their parent or parents when they were young… I cannot imagine life without one or both of my parents.

I am not writing this to be a death-downer, but, I do want to make a strong point.. we are not guaranteed a damn thing.  Each day that we wake to is something that should be valued… each person that we interact with is someone we should extend civil respect at a minimum to… each experience we should learn from.. and if we err, we should attempt to right the wrong.

If you see someone who you have not seen for a while, take a moment to let them know how you feel about them… you will never regret it.. but, if you do not – you very well may.  If you want to share something with someone – share it… not just on Facebook, but, in person (if you can).  If you want to try something – try it, the first chance you get and if you enjoy something, do it more often… Life has a way of continuing, despite whatever hurdles you allow to stop you.  The word ‘can’t’ should NEVER be in your vocabulary.. 

I want to single out a specific group of people in this paragraph and that is the men & women of our Armed Services… some have past, despite the fact that they are still working jobs, having families and existing… in truth they are trapped within themselves.  Take the time to talk with them, not necessarily about their service.. but, just take a moment to ask how they are.  Not everyone in the Military has PTSD; however, there are so very many that do in one form or another.  I know many, many people who love & support our Military; however, I also know of a large population that does not… we need to respect and care for those that have raised their hand to protect those that they do not know.  We need to be proud of the fact that we have an all volunteer fighting force, that’s growing each day.  We need to celebrate the young men & women that raise their hand for a future of who the hell knows…. I have a strong love & appreciation for each person that has served, is serving or has a plan to serve….Make sure to Thank any Service Member that you come in contact with.  Being appreciative to our Military Men & Women is NOT a political statement or position, it’s the right thing to do.

Live each day as if it were you last… Carpe Diem, Dance like nobody’s watching and sing as if the world has no ears… and all of the other happy motivational stuff… all in all – just respect the moments given to you…

To each person that reads this… I sincerely Thank You for taking time to read the words I write.  Writing has never been an issue for me; however, publishing to those who know me, is a huge step for me.  Your comments have truly inspired me and I love seeing comments on my posts as well as likes etc.  I am fueled by the input I have received…