I’m Still Smoking….


…my electronic cigarette!  While in Chicago this past November my friend JJ, no not, Jimmy Walker…took me to CigNot.  She highly recommended the electronic cigarette.  I had thought about quitting; however, each attempt was, well, unsuccessful.  She was not pushy; however, she knew how wonderful this was and she knew …

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Now, I Don’t Want To Talk! (I guess)

Mr. Cute and I have been talking recently; however, days past by without a call or text and in my new approach, I was not driving the ship.  Yet, I felt that I had every right to reach out, check-in – see what, if anything was up.  So I did. …

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Living Small

There are big moments in our life, where all we can do is ‘live small’… almost microscopic.  Sure, we’ll pick up, join in and get with the program; however, in certain situations and for undefined amounts of time, there is validity in just pulling back, taking stock. If you’re a …

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