Consider Yourself Updated

Life is so very precious and time is a close second.. what we do on this earth matters, who we are not-so-much.  When you think about the short amount of time that we do have on earth.. we must truly embrace those around us.  Everyone has stuff going on…which should never influence your overall appreciation for being around to experience it… the worst thing in the world cannot be worse than not being there. Each day when I wake up I am thankful for that reason alone.  In addition many of those I care about do too!  This is something Continue Reading

No Guarantee….

Written in loving memory of my Grandfather…. When I think about the word ‘guarantee’ the clip from Tommy Boy always comes to mind; however, although that is a funny clip.. this post is centered around something quite important… There are no guarantees in life.. we are given a lot and as Americans we tend to take advantage of just about everything around us… I do not say this to spark a to-do, I am merely reflecting on my own selfishness.  I go to bed each night thinking about what I have to do the next day… I am assuming that Continue Reading