greedI truly believe in helping others, I do; however, and yes, there can be a however, because when that ‘help’ becomes the beginning of requests for more with necessary parameters it is then that I begin to pull back or become sullen.  I will not pretend to know what someone else needs; however, if there’s a food-shelf, yet it does not stock the preferred types of cuisine – the demand should not be on the givers, but the recipients.  I understand that certain ‘religious’ beliefs may dictate what one can eat; however, hungry is hungry and when some people have been forced to either die or eat their own arm or that of another…I believe religion should take a backseat to survival.  Comfort is not a right, but a luxury.  One should never be put in an uncomfortable headlock; however, having to work a little harder, go a little further or eat something that their leader forbids should not be in the same category.  I love Thai food, eat it often – pay for it always.  I do not like liver, do not buy it = do not order it; however, I would eat as much as I could if someone served it to me.  I would have to make sure I did not throw it up at the table; however, my upbringing taught me to be gracious when someone gives or makes something for you.

“If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

Ronald Reagan said that and I cannot tell you how much I believe this.

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